Maddow show: Gone fishin’


As befits the season, Rachel is taking a bit of vacation time tonight, and the show staff has followed suit, so there’s no show tonight.

To help stave off withdrawal, our friend @fauxpinky points out that Rachel’s SXSW talk, the full, official, hour-long thing that kicked off the Drift-in-paperback book tour earlier this year, is available online (though frustratingly without the embedding feature enabled). We’ve seen short bits of this shot from shaky phone cameras in the audience, but as far as I know, this length and quality is new.

Also, if you already attended a Drift tour talk about are looking for something a little different, I only recently listened to her totally fun appearance on Employee of the Month. No video with this one but it’s a very entertaining 40-ish minutes.

See you Monday!