Links for the 9/5 TRMS

Links for the 9/5 TRMS
Links for the 9/5 TRMS

Citations for Thursday night’s show are listed after the jump.

Lyndon Johnson - Report on the Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Syria Is Not Kosovo

The Hill’s Syria Whip List: Tough work for Obama to win votes for strike (Video)

Iranian news with extra sleeves

White House working hard to woo House liberals on Syria

Hultgren Statement on Action in Syria

Smith Questions Secretary of State John Kerry at hearing on duration of proposed U.S. military action, evidence

Smith Syrian war crimes tribunal bill (pdf)

Even if Assad used chemical weapons, the west has no mandate to act as a global policeman

Three big ways the U.S. could help Syrians without using the military

UN agency joins Syria’s neighbours in plea for greater international support to region

Standing Up to the Hawks in Congress

Gov. McDonnell described as aware of gifts from Virginia businessman

Barack Obama - @BarackObama - President Obama to those celebrating #RoshHashanah tonight: “I want to wish you and your families a sweet and happy new year. Shanah Tova.”

David Cameron - ‏@David_Cameron - Shanah Tovah!

Stephen Harper - ‏@pmharper - Laureen & I wish all those celebrating Rosh Hashanah joyous festivities & a new year full of health and happiness.

Hassan Rouhani - ‏@HassanRouhani - As the sun is about to set here in #Tehran I wish all Jews, especially Iranian Jews, a blessed Rosh Hashanah.

Iran Denies Media Reports about President Rouhani’s New Year Tweet to Jews

Iran Shifts Responsibility for Nuclear Talks

Iran’s President Wished Jews ‘A Blessed Rosh Hashanah.’ Or Did He?

Javad Zarif - ‏@JZarif - Happy Rosh Hashanah


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Links for the 9/5 TRMS