Links for the 9/24 TRMS

Links for the 9/24 TRMS
Links for the 9/24 TRMS

Tuesday’s citations are listed after the jump.

Senate bill on track for vote despite filibuster threat

Ted Cruz Vows To Speak Against Obamacare: ‘Until I Am No Longer Able To Stand’

Ted Cruz’s Bizarre Plan B To Defund Obamacare Is A Nonstarter

Ted Cruz: The Distinguished Wacko Bird from Texas

Ted Cruz Punches Back

Claire McCaskill - @clairecmc - In our D caucus meeting.True confession: I’d rather have a diet coke and popcorn &watch the show that must be going in R caucus today.

Cruz’s Title at NRSC Highlights Conflict With Colleagues

Mike Lee Compares His Effort To Defund Obamacare To The Revolutionary War

Exclusive: Secretary of State Kerry to sign Arms Trade Treaty - diplomats

Arms Trade Treaty (pdf)

U.S. to sign international Arms Trade Treaty, over protests of the NRA

Arms Trade Treaty vote count (pdf)

Kerry to sign UN arms treaty, despite senators’ opposition

Senator Ted Cruz - ‏@SenTedCruz - UN Arms Treaty should be rejected outright by US Senate. It is international gun regulation, plain and simple & it must never be ratified

Read One of the Fundraising Letters Rand Paul is Sending on Behalf of a U.N.-Skeptical Gun Rights Grou

Senate votes 53-46 to stop US from joining UN Arms Trade Treaty

Inhofe letter to Secretary Kerry

Special Report: The Threat of the U.N. Arms Trade Treat

NRA News - ‏@NRANews - Kerry to sign #UN arms treaty opposed by Senate, #NRA - … #UNGA (via @thehill)

State Dinner set for Brazilian president

Brazil Snubs Obama State Visit Invite Over Spying

U.S. Spy Report Sparks Outrage as Brazil Demands Answers

Edward Snowden NSA files: secret surveillance and our revelations so far

Brazil demands explanation from US over NSA spying

NSA’s Snowden review focuses on possible access to China espionage files, officials say

Edward Snowden’s NSA surveillance revelations strain China-US relations

The NSA paid Silicon Valley millions to spy on taxpayers

Snowden sought Booz Allen job to gather evidence on NSA surveillance

Leaker’s Security Check Faulted

Officials: Navy Yard gunman treated for mental health issues

Seattle Alexis police report (pdf)

Newport Alexis police report

Navy Review of Aaron Alexis’s Service Record

Aaron Alexis didn’t report gun arrest during background check, received clearance

Report: Feds whitewashed Alexis’ background check

Workers at USIS, which vetted Alexis and Snowden, felt pressure to do more, faster

DOJ hunts for possible fraud in background check of Navy Yard shooter

Dead Among Those Interviewed in Faulty Background Checks


The Ultimate Betrayal

Obscure Ohio-based PAC spends $1.1M on Conn. race

Federal Election Commission PAC rules (pdf)

FEC letter to Stand With Rand PAC (pdf)

After FEC inquiry, ‘Stand with Rand’ PAC says it backs Ayn Rand, not Rand Paul


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Links for the 9/24 TRMS