Links for the 9/17 TRMS

Links for the 9/17 TRMS
Links for the 9/17 TRMS

The original video of Michael Barber, who is blind, buying a handgun was provided to the show courtesy of the Des Moines Register and can be viewed in full at

State Law Prevented Sale of Assault Rifle to Suspect Last Week, Officials Say

Fort Worth police report (pdf)

Seattle police report

Newport police report (pdf)

Suspect’s Past Fell Just Short of Raising Alarm

Military’s background check system failed to block gunman with a history of arrests

Iowa grants permits for blind residents to carry guns in public

State officials split on law letting blind carry guns

Tip/Wag - Iowa, Bigger Pants & Recent Articles

Jimmy Fallon on Iowa gun laws

Register Exclusive: 50 sex offenders have gun permits

A fundamental right By Governor Bobby Jindal

Louisiana Guns Law Barring Felons From Owning Firearms Rejected

Gun rights amendment helping felons charged with illegal gun possession

New Orleans judge rules statute forbidding felons from having firearms unconstitutional after ‘fundamental right’ amendment

City amends law to allow concealed-carry weapons onto public playgrounds, greenways

Arizona law bans destroying guns purchased in buyback programs

North Carolina law prohibits police from destroying guns

Pro-Gun Laws Gain Ground

Florida gunman kills 6, then is shot dead by SWAT team

Police: Santa Monica gunman acted alone, killing 4

Five Fatally Shot In Downstate Manchester; Suspect Dead

5 dead in Federal Way shooting

Man Sought in Upstate Shootings Is Killed

FBI: Serial murder

Post-Navy Yard, no new guns push from Joe Manchin

Gun Control Legislation Isn’t Going Anywhere

Navy Yard shootings delay ‘Stand Your Ground’ hearing

Perry to tour gun facility near Washington

Senate ‘stand your ground’ hearing postponed


Capt. Mark Kelly to Gov. Chris Christie: Sign centerpiece gun bill, now: Opinion

Gov. Christie refuses to sign 3 gun bills, including version of weapon ban he called for

Newtown Group Heads To D.C. Hours After Navy Yard Shooting


Newtown Group Heads To D.C. Hours After Navy Yard Shooting

Charts: Half the deadliest shootings in U.S. history happened in past six years

Percentage of Americans Lacking Health Coverage Falls Again

House passes bill to delay health care subsidies, imposing new system to verify eligibility

Tim Huelskamp Explains Why 42nd House Vote To Repeal Obamacare Will Be Better Than The Previous 41

The Power of 218


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Links for the 9/17 TRMS