Links for the 8/8 TRMS

Links for the 8/8 TRMS
Links for the 8/8 TRMS

Citations for Thursday night’s show are listed after the jump.

Slide show: Protestors arrested in Dream 9 sit-in 08.05.13

McConnell endorses Grayson, stoking GOP rift

Kentucky: Mitch McConnell Hires Jesse Benton as 2014 Campaign Manager

The Payoff - Details revealed on Sorenson’s deal with Ron Paul

In his own words: Sorenson confirms payment for Ron Paul endorsement

Mitch McConnell’s Team Prepares to Defend His Role in the Coming Fiscal Showdown

Jesse Benton on Mitch McConnell: “I’m sorta holding my nose for 2 years”

McConnell nosegate tweet

The F.B.I. Deemed Agents Faultless in 150 Shootings

Florida man killed by FBI agent reportedly had link to Boston Marathon bomber, triple murder

The Killing of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Would-Be Accomplice Wasn’t So Simple

Man Tied to Boston Suspect Is Said to Have Attacked Agent Before Being Shot

Sources: Ibragim Todashev was unarmed when FBI agent killed him

FBI must explain shooting of suspect in Waltham murders

Editorial: Time for FBI to talk

Our opinion: Transparency is essential in officer-involved shootings

Florida Officials Refuse ACLU Request to Investigate FBI Shooting Death of Ibragim Todashev

FBI bars Fla. from releasing Todashev autopsy

State Attorney Jeff Ashton to review DOJ investigation in Todashev death

“Dear friend of freedom…” (pdf)

Find a town hall meeting near you


Obamacare supporters can go to town-hall meetings, too

April budget surplus is biggest in five years

Surprise! Huge US budget surplus shatters record

Budget deficit reaches $606 billion for the year

“There’s one problem: The federal deficit isn’t ‘growing.’” So… “Half true.”

PolitiFact and the Shape of the Planet, Deficit Edition

PolitiFact Digs Its Hole Deeper

PolitiFact finds its pants on fire

Debating the deficit


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Links for the 8/8 TRMS