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GOP Chooses Strip-Club Capital of America for 2012 Convention

TAMPA-TATION: Strip club capital of the country all set for a big GOP party

At TBPAC, Chris Rock’s unspeakably funny; second show Thursday

Death metal, the sound of Tampa, won’t be heard at Republican convention

Cannibal Corpse “Encased in Concrete”

Obama Needs 80% of Minority Vote to Win 2012 Presidential Election

Race and the 2012 election

Interview: Romney blasts Obama for a ‘vituperative’ campaign

Romney pushes on with discredited welfare attacks

Making the Election About Race

DOJ Probes TX Voter Intimidation Complaints During Tea Party Anti-Voter Fraud Drive

A firsthand look at early voting in Houston and allegations of voter intimidation

“Had your parents, or either of them, a visible and distinct admixture of African blood?”

The Thin Line Between “Security” and Suppression

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted Withdraws From True the Vote Summit

True the Vote Founder, Staffers Address Ohio Summit

Will Ohio count your vote?

Judge orders changes to Ohio provisional voting

Court decree on Ohio provisional ballots (pdf)


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