Links for the 8/21 TRMS

Links for the 8/21 TRMS
Links for the 8/21 TRMS

Romney Campaign: We ‘Disagree’ With Todd Akin

Commemorative Bob McDonnell vaginal ultrasound probes!

The Republican Party’s vision for the family: The compelling issue of the decade (pdf)

UPDATE: McDonnell signs ultrasound abortion bill

McDonnell statements on abortion draw scrutiny

Governor Robert ‘Bob’ Francis McDonnell’s Political Positions

GOP Platform: No Rape and Incest Exception for Abortion

GOP rejects rape exception in platform

Mahoning commissioners increase bed tax, open Oakhill for weekend early voting

Voting Rights Act Extension Passes In Senate, 98 to 0

DC Fed Court Blocks Florida Elimination of Early Voting Days in 5 Voting Rights Act Counties

State of Florida v. The United States of America - Civil Action No. 11-1428

Rick Scott pressures Keys elections chief on early voting

Montgomery County at center of ‘early voting’ debate

Scott hints he will remove Monroe supervisor if he doesn’t follow voting law

Texas Republican Party Platform Calls For Repeal Of Voting Rights Act Of 1965

RNC Platform Formally Backs Voter ID Laws


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Links for the 8/21 TRMS