Links for the 8/2 TRMS

Links for the 8/2 TRMS
Links for the 8/2 TRMS

Citations for Friday night’s show are listed after the jump.

Senate Confirms New Federal Circuit Judge

Samantha Power gets past Cruz, heads to the U.N.

ATF nominee narrowly wins Senate confirmation

U.S. unemployment rate hits lowest level since December 2008

Congress finally votes to cut student loan interest rates

Judging the (un)productivity of the 113th Congress

Pelosi predicts no farm bill by October deadline

The House farm bill unexpectedly failed. So what happens next?

Republicans to propose $40 billion cut over decade to food stamps program

‘The American people should be outraged’

House Votes To Quash Obamacare, For The 40th Time

And then there were 40

Political Violence Against Americans 2011 (pdf)

Travel Alert - U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE - Bureau of Consular Affairs

British embassy in Yemen to close as ‘precaution’

Wis. gov signs abortion bill mandating admitting privileges, ultrasound; opponents vow to sue

Abortion Providers Sue As Wisconsin Governor Signs Bill

Federal judge again blocks Wisconsin’s new abortion law

Ronald Weekley Jr., College Student, Claims LAPD Officers Used Excessive Force On Him (VIDEO)

Arrested Venice Skateboarder Ronald Weekley: Don’t Be Angry, Fight for What’s Right

Police Work Is Not Always Pretty

LAPD to try voluntary mediation in racial profiling cases

Stop And Frisk Facts

Racial Disparities in Arrests in the District of Columbia, 2009-2011 (pdf)

The New Bomb Threat : A Wave of Anthrax Hoaxes Sweeps the Country

Anthrax threats are keeping clinics on heightened alert.

State shuts down Asheville abortion clinic

What’s next for FemCare?

NC regulators close 3 abortion clinics in 3 months

Records show abortion clinics already inspected, cited


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Links for the 8/2 TRMS