Links for the 7/30 TRMS

Links for the 7/30 TRMS
Links for the 7/30 TRMS

Citations for Tuesday night’s show are listed after the jump.

A Scramble as Biden Backs Same-Sex Marriage

Obama’s Evolution On Gay Marriage

Obama Says Income Gap Is Fraying U.S. Social Fabric

Interview With President Obama

Billionaire Scorecard: Jeff Bezos Up, Larry Ellison Down

Inside Amazon’s warehouse

Bradley Manning trial defense: He did not harm US national security

Judge in Bradley Manning trial rejects motion to dismiss key charge

Bradley Manning trial closing arguments ask: Why did he do it?

Bradley Manning knew enemy would see leaks: US prosecutor

Accused leaker Bradley Manning had ‘evil intent,’ prosecutors say in closing arguments

Prosecutor portrays Pfc. Bradley Manning as traitor during closing arguments

Prosecution Calls Bradley Manning an Anarchist and Traitor

Stenographer transcripts from the court martial

Bradley Manning acquitted of aiding the enemy; convicted of theft, espionage

Bradley Manning convicted on five counts, acquitted of aiding enemy

Mayor’s fiancee breaks off engagement

Below please find a statement from Mayor Bob Filner regarding the lawsuit filed against him today: (pdf)

Filner ‘saddened’ by sex harassment lawsuit

Filner’s top aide leaves after 10 days

Filner’s attorney asks City Council to pay mayor’s legal bills

San Diego city council authorizes legal action against mayor

Bob McDonnell apologizes, pays back $120K in loans to Star Scientific CEO

Donor bought Rolex watch for Virginia Gov. McDonnell, people familiar with gift say

Va. first lady McDonnell spent thousands from husband’s PAC on clothes, other items

McDonnell Says Wife Organized Governor’s Mansion Event For Embattled Company

Ken Cuccinelli seeks to turn 2012 script on its head


Expanded voucher program is signed into law by Pence

AP Exclusive: GOP donor’s school grade changed

Indiana election 2012: Tony Bennett loses re-election bid as school superintendent to challenger Glenda Ritz


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Links for the 7/30 TRMS