Links for the 7/21 TRMS

Links for the 7/21 TRMS
Links for the 7/21 TRMS

Rick Perry’s Wife Encourages Him to Run for President

Rick Perry and the big-money boys gather in Austin

Rick Perry Group Gears Up for Iowa Straw Poll

Rick Perry Calling GOP Leaders In New Hampshire, Iowa Ahead Of 2012

Rick Perry beams into South Carolina

Rick Perry says he doesn’t endorse extremists participating in prayer meeting

Perry may not speak at ‘The Response’

Just one of 49 other governors accepts Perry invite to prayer rally

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Urges Swift Action by Congress on FAA Bill

John Mica happy to spend at home:

Could #Ohio governor get more unpopular? (Yes!)

Ohio Gov’s Low Approval Slips Further, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Support For Photo Id To Vote Almost 4-1

Mitt Romney raises $18.25 million

Rick Santorum Releases Shockingly Low 2012 Fundraising Numbers

Santorum raises off sanitized Savage

Here, let me google that for you.


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Links for the 7/21 TRMS