Links for the 7/17 TRMS

Links for the 7/17 TRMS
Links for the 7/17 TRMS

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Arrests from the Allied Veterans of the World investigation

Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll resigns amid state, federal probe of non-profit veterans group


Florida lieutenant governor quits, tied to charity in probe

State GOP finds $271k in contributions linked to federal probe; giving money to veterans group

In Florida, a Political Marriage Soured Before a Top Official Stepped Down

Governor Rick Scott Announces New State Attorney and Task Force in Response to Trayvon Martin Incident

Gov. Rick Scott’s “Stand Your Ground” task force vows fair investigation

The Money Trail Behind Florida’s Notorious Gun Law

Task Force on Citizens Safety and Protection

Florida’s Stand Your Ground panel: Keep self-defense law intact

Anger at Zimmerman verdict is being channeled into a call to boycott Florida

Stevie Wonder boycotts Florida after Zimmerman verdict

Independent task force wants changes to ‘stand your ground’ law

Chris Smith decries Zimmerman verdict, wants new look at Stand Your Ground

Va. abortion clinic closes, blames new regulations

Virginia Board of Health rejects most controversial abortion clinic regulation

Virginia Board Of Health Votes Down Controversial Abortion Clinic Requirement [UPDATE]

Cuccinelli warns board of possible lawsuits over abortion vote

Ken Cuccinelli bullies a state board into surrender

Va. health commissioner resigns over abortion clinic regs

BONUS: Virginia Department of Health commissioner’s resignation letter

Wyndham home owned by Gov. Bob McDonnell

McDonnell rents Henrico house to health commissioner

Former U.S. attorney Brownlee joins McDonnell’s private legal team

McDonnell adds to team responding to gifts investigations

Schapiro: Even McDonnell’s friends bracing for the worst

Impeach McDonnell? One lawmaker suggests it

In San Diego, Mayor Rejects Calls by Allies to Step Down

Mayor Gives First TV Interviews After Public Allegations

Donna Frye letter asking Filner to step down

Filner announces appointments intended to strengthen City management (pdf)


New Account Reinforces Mayor’s Pattern of Behavior

NOW panel calls for Filner resignation

Ex-Fiancee Urges Filner To Submit Resignation

UPDATE: Unmanned drone crashes in Gulf

Unmanned Drone Detonated Off Coast of Gulf County

“Several readers have contacted us about a fireball …”

Drone crash at Tyndall; U.S. 98 to be closed until mid-day Thursday

Town of Deer Trail considering hunting licenses for unmanned aerial vehicles, bounties for drones

Voter ID Trial Opens In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Republicans Looking to Push Out Their Governor

Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Could Disenfranchise More than 500,000 People: Trial Expert

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Links for the 7/17 TRMS