Links for the 7/15 TRMS

Links for the 7/15 TRMS
Links for the 7/15 TRMS

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Texas ends ‘last meals’ for death row inmates

James Byrd’s killer: ‘I’d do it all over again’

Closing arguments today in Texas dragging-death trial

President Obama Commemorates Enactment of Hate Crimes Prevention Act

Justice Department Statement on the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman Case

Washington State Man Pleads Guilty to Federal Hate Crime in Attack on Sikh Man

Portland, Ore. Couple Indicted on Charges Related to an Anti-gay Assault

Four Kentucky Individuals Sentenced for Roles in Kidapping and Assaulting a Harlan County Man

OLBLightBrigade - OverpassLightBrigade - We have a “TRAYVON LIVES ON” #lightbrigade message in Milwaukee tonight. #HoodiesUp #TrayvonMartin

Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Detail Role of Justice Department in Organizing Trayvon Martin Protests

DOJ sends secret “peacekeepers” where Trayvon Martin was killed

The GOP doesn’t oppose Richard Cordray. It opposes his whole agency.

Republican letter to President Obama opposing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (pdf)

Camp Pendleton, National Register of Historic Places (pdf)

For sale: Gubernatorial cottage in Virginia Beach?

Gov. McDonnell must answer questions about scandal

Clear the air, governor

Bolling in shadows as McDonnell’s star plunges

Today’s top opinion: Drip to flood

Our View: Losing faith in McDonnell

Bob McDonnell’s stunning fall from grace

Defenders can’t blame Bob McDonnell’s wife anymore

What goes around comes around: Bob McDonnell to resign as part of plea agreement

Will Bob McDonnell need to resign?

Sources confirm McDonnell negotiating resignation

Fairfax City abortion clinic, busiest in Virginia, closes

Texas Abortion Clinics Need Million-Dollar Fixes to Stay Open

The Republican blitz to shut down abortion-providing clinics is a national story

Researcher sees ‘perfect storm’ for family planning in RGV

A Pill Available in Mexico Is a Texas Option for Abortion

NC Republicans bring abortion bill fix to panel

McCrory on House abortion bill: ‘I’ll sign it’

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Links for the 7/15 TRMS