Links for the 5/7 TRMS

Links for the 5/7 TRMS
Links for the 5/7 TRMS

Paul Ryan’s ‘austerity’ budget: What would it cut?

Sen. David Vitter to lift ‘holds’ as Letten named to Justice Department advisory board

Sen. David Vitter lifts hold on Obama nominee as feds approve 15th drilling permit

Nominee put on hold by Sen. David Vitter withdraws

When Republicans close off every avenue

Old feud appears to sink Obama’s Fed nominees

Justin Wolfers - @justinwolfers - I don’t know a single serious economic–left or right–who thinks putting a hold on Stein & Powell is a good idea. I bet you can’t find one.

Justin Wolfers - @justinwolfers - Literally every Republican economist I’ve talked to thinks Stein would make a fantastic Fed governor. (I agree.)

With Romney all but the nominee, Ron Paul snags delegate majority at Maine’s GOP convention

Ron Paul wins majority of Nevada delegates

Ron Paul supporters dominate Louisiana’s Republican presidential caucuses

State GOP’s caucus picks leave Romney slate slighted

Ron Paul backers make GOP’s lives more complicated

Senate leaders reach deal on Obama judicial nominees

Alliance for Justice Report Details President’s First-Term Record on Judicial Nominations and Calls for End of Election-Year Obstruction

Amanda Palmer: The new RECORD, ART BOOK, and TOUR

The Loan Spark


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Links for the 5/7 TRMS