Links for the 5/6 TRMS

Links for the 5/6 TRMS
Links for the 5/6 TRMS

Monday night’s citations are listed after the jump.

Another NY lawmaker arrested on corruption

Just call it ‘The Wire,’ Albany edition

Defense Distributed Feinstein AK Mag

The First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun Is Here

Meet The ‘Liberator’: Test-Firing The World’s First Fully 3D-Printed Gun

National Rifle Association Bans Bleeding “Obama” Target, Others Remain

The New NRA President Fantasizes About “Whipping” Anti-Gun Opponents

Attorney General Eric Holder’s letter explaining to Kansas Governor Sam Brownback that trying to nullify federal law is unconstitutional (pdf)

Governor to AG Holder: Kansans hold dear the right to keep & bear arms

Ex-Gov. Sanford Seeks 2nd Chance in South Carolina

Sanford, Colbert Busch Poll Shows South Carolina Candidates In Tight Race

Sanford has momentum in SC-1

Senate passes bills to allow hunting with silencers, require cursive writing instruction

Syrian rebels ‘used sarin gas,’ says UN’s del Ponte

Israel: Air strikes were ‘against Hezbollah and not the Syrian regime’

Personal Remembrances of the Kent State Shootings, 43 Years Later

Clip from the Twenty-sixth Amendment certification ceremony on July 5, 1971 in the White House.

SYMM v. U.S - 439 U.S. 1105 (1979)

NAACP protest at legislature nets 30 arrests

GOP chairman says if students want to vote, they should pay taxes

College students: New Hampshire is trying to stop us from voting

Bill could prevent out-of-state students from voting in Indiana

Colleges may lose $370 million if voting students get tuition cut

Jack Lew signature May 2011 (pdf)

Jack Lew signature November 2011 (pdf)

What would your signature look like if Jack Lew wrote it?

New Secretary Jack Lew signature (page six) (pdf)

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Links for the 5/6 TRMS