Links for the 5/30 TRMS

Links for the 5/30 TRMS
Links for the 5/30 TRMS

Meet Maureen Russo: An Eligible Florida Voter Governor Rick Scott Just Purged From The Voting Rolls

Meet Bill: The 91-Year-Old Decorated WWII Veteran Targeted By Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Voter Purge

Florida Democrats say Gov. Rick Scott leading ‘misguided’ effort to purge voters from state rolls

Hispanics, Democrats biggest groups on Florida’s list of potential noncitizen voters, analysis shows

Pens in impeachment had misprint

Huntsman Campaign Launch Begins Day with Misspelling of His Own Name

Romney Camp Misspells ‘America’ in New App

Mitt Romney on gun rights

On Night of Trump Fund-Raiser, Romney Jokes About Presidential Requirements

A three-year minimum?

President Obama’s birth certificate (pdf)

Romney’s birth certificate evokes his father’s controversy

Hoekstra panders to Birthers in Michigan

Poll: Number of ‘birthers’ plummets

$55 million for conservative campaigns – but where did it come from?

Mystery Health Care Group Funneled Millions to Conservative Nonprofits

GOP groups plan record $1 billion blitz

Marquette Law School Poll finds Walker leads Barrett in Wisconsin recall

AFP bus tour schedule

So close! Youngest speller trips up on ‘ingluvies’ at National Spelling Bee


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Links for the 5/30 TRMS