Links for the 5/13 TRMS

Links for the 5/13 TRMS
Links for the 5/13 TRMS

Citations for Monday’s show are listed after the jump.

Man with altered Saudi passport arrested with pressure cooker at Detroit airport


Pakistan election: Sharif poised to take over as PM

AP calls government’s record seizure a ‘massive and unprecedented intrusion’

AP letter to Attorney General Holder (pdf)

Al Qaeda Bomb Plot Against US-Bound Jet Reportedly Foiled

Appendix A: (U) The attorney general’s guidelines for domestic FBI operations (pdf)

IRS: Social Welfare Organizations

The IRS was wrong to target the tea party. They should’ve gone after all 501©4s.

IRS singling out of ‘Tea Party’ being investigated

IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups

Timeline of Written Criteria for Identifying Potential Political Cases (pdf)

IRS targeted NAACP in 2004

Antiwar Sermon Brings IRS Warning

At least 19 injured in New Orleans Mother’s Day shooting

A breakdown of gun homicides

Gun rights amendment passes easily

New Orleans judge rules statute forbidding felons from having firearms unconstitutional after ‘fundamental right’ amendment

Chris Hadfield - ‏@Cmdr_Hadfield @WilliamShatner Yes, Standard Orbit, Captain. And we’re detecting signs of life on the surface.

‘Star Trek’ Actor William Shatner Calls Astronaut in Space

I Am Astronaut Chris Hadfield, currently orbiting planet Earth.

Wringing out Water on the ISS - for Science!

Mixed Nuts in Space

Tears in Space (Don’t Fall)

Best noon thing in the Universe today

Wil Wheaton - Why it’s awesome to be a nerd

Rachel Maddow Show Links

Links for the 5/13 TRMS