Links for the 4/4 TRMS

Links for the 4/4 TRMS
Links for the 4/4 TRMS

Tonight’s citations are listed after the jump.

Connecticut gun bill, House vote

Connecticut Senate Gun Vote Tally

Maryland House passes gun control bill 78-61

Maryland House passes gun-control bill

Senate urged to pass House version of gun control bill

A Guide to the Citizen’s Power of Referendum in Maryland

Goucher poll: Support for Maryland gun legislation (pdf)

Anne Arundel’s Dwyer calls for ‘militia’ as gun control vote nears

Dear Maryland Patriots,

Former GOP Spokesman: ‘Is Armed Rebellion Now Justified?’

Abortion clinic to open in Wichita, the first in four years

Dr. Means threat letter (pdf)

Youth Voter Turnout in the 2008 and 2006 Elections: A State-by-State Comparison (pdf)

G.O.P.’s Full Control in Long-Moderate North Carolina May Leave Lasting Stamp

Senate bill seeks to curb college vote

College Students Still Face Voting Stumbling Blocks

Fear of the youth vote, now in North Carolina

Indiana legislature bill would restrict out-of-state college students from voting

A frail Bob Dole returns to Senate to push for treaty

Santorum’s new cause: opposing the disabled

Senate GOP kills disabilities treaty

Obama Prague Speech On Nuclear Weapons: Full Text

Remarks by President Obama and President Medvedev of Russia at New START Treaty Signing Ceremony and Press Conference

Former county judge questioned in Texas DA’s slaying

‘Person of interest’ emerges in slayings of Texas prosecutors

211 Crew members sought by El Paso County in Tom Clements murder case

How Polling Firm PPP Won The Election With Its Hilarious And Infuriating Questions

Wisconsin miscellaneous

Conspiracy Theory Poll Results

U.N. Treaty Is First Aimed at Regulating Global Arms Sales

Senator Ted Cruz - ‏@SenTedCruz - UN Arms Treaty should be rejected outright by US Senate. It is international gun regulation, plain and simple & it must never be ratified

Sens. Moran, Baucus and Inhofe Respond to U.N. General Assembly Vote on Arms Trade Treaty

Read One of the Fundraising Letters Rand Paul is Sending on Behalf of a U.N.-Skeptical Gun Rights Group

Senate votes 53-46 to stop US from joining UN Arms Trade Treaty


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Links for the 4/4 TRMS