Links for the 3/9 TRMS

Links for the 3/9 TRMS
Links for the 3/9 TRMS

Tonight’s citations are listed after the jump:

Global Temperatures Highest in 4,000 Years

Nathan Dunlap Case: U.S. Supreme Court Turns Down Death Penalty Appeal Of Chuck E. Cheese Killer

Gunman Kills 4 Workers at Colorado Restaurant

Lone survivor of mass shooting 18 years ago tells what life is like now

Democrats take Colorado House and retain Senate

Domestic Violence Gun Bill Advances In Colorado

Colorado gun bills: Bill that bans online concealed carry certification advances in Senate

Colorado gun bills: Universal background checks bill wins initial approval

Colorado gun bills: Conceal carry ban on campus killed by sponsor

Franklin Sain charged with harassment for sending Fields e-mails

Sniper victims’ kin sue gunmaker, store

Sniper victim families sue gun maker, retailer

Gunmaker Paid Up After Washington Sniper Killings, And May Yet Pay Again


Georgia blocks Atlanta’s lawsuit against gun-makers

Does the NRA Represent Gun Manufacturers or Gun Owners?

Congress Passes New Legal Shield for Gun Industry

Jeremy Bentham Virtual Auto-Icon

January 28, 1973 - Landmark Ruling on Abortion; The Effect Will Be Far-reaching

Arkansas Governor Vetoes Fetal Heartbeat Bill

Arkansas Lawmakers Disagree On Constitutionality Of Abortion Bill

Arkansans react to 12-week abortion ban

Governor Beebe Vetoes Senate Bill 134

Arkansas Adopts a Ban on Abortions After 12 Weeks

Republicans Decry Obama’s Decision to Try Al Qaeda Suspect in Civilian Court

Senate GOP presses Obama to send terror suspect to Gitmo

Republicans Are Furious at Obama for Prosecuting an Alleged Terrorist

Sen. Mitch McConnell criticizes Obama administration decision to bring bin Laden’s son-in-law to the United States

In court, bin Laden relative denies plot charge

Photograph of a wax figure depicting Arizona Governor George W.P. Hunt in his office at the Arizona State Capitol Museum in Phoenix (Ariz.).

Hugo Chavez’s Remains to Be Embalmed, Placed on Display


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Links for the 3/9 TRMS