Links for the 3/8 TRMS

Links for the 3/8 TRMS
Links for the 3/8 TRMS

Blunt amendment brings culture wars to Congress 

US Senate rejects Republican birth control challenge

Senator Blunt’s Statement On Vote To Protect Americans’ Religious Freedom

Senate Republicans Backing Off Contraception Wars

Sen. Murkowski: Given another chance, I’d vote against Blunt Amendment limiting contraception

Linda Lingle, Hawaii GOP Senate Candidate, Comes Out Against Blunt Amendment

joshwisch - @joshwisch - Linda Lingle makes Roy “end contraception” Blunt her fundraiser’s guest of honor and says Mazie lacks the demeanor to be a Senator? Really?

Linda Lingle - @lingle2012 - @joshwisch Aloha Josh: Are you under the impression Gov. Lingle can dictate who a fundraiser invites to its event?

Women in Texas Losing Options for Health Care in Abortion Fight

Georgia women senators walk out, protesting ‘war on women’

Rush’s words spur rally at state Capitol

Rally to target Franks’ Glendale office

On International Women’s Day, Congress Debates Measure To Limit Reproductive Rights

Turnout in GOP primaries continues to be tepid

Portage County veteran, 86, doesn’t vote after VA identification card rejected at polls

Trying to vote, Texas edition

Tenn. Governor Signs Voter Photo ID Bill

Ex-Marine protests voter ID law, refuses to cast ballot

Wealthy voters deliver for Mitt Romney

Pennsylvania Senate approves Voter ID

Who’s afraid of the low-income vote?


Judge temporarily blocks Wisconsin voter ID law

Black leaders: Gov. Christie needs history lesson after linking civil rights to gay marriage vote

Christie apologizes for statements linking civil rights to gay marriage issue

Same-sex marriage opponents file referendum papers

Poll shows slim majority supports gay marriage in Md

Official Republican Ballot (Washington, D.C.) (pdf)

No Santorum on D.C.’s Republican ballot

Review puts Rick Santorum on Indiana primary ballot

Why Rick Santorum’s Ohio Delegate Fiasco Could Get Messy

Santorum Delegate Troubles

Delegates for Santorum in TN - Where Are They?

Rick Santorum’s delegate woes: Trying hard in some states; in others, not so much

Santorum faces further ballot and delegate issues in DC, Illinois

Lost petitions keep Santorum delegates off ballot in 13th District


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Links for the 3/8 TRMS