Links for the 3/24 TRMS

President Obama Speaks on Training Workers for In-Demand Jobs

CAA - ‏@collegeart - President Obama dissed art history today during a speech in Wisconsin: @WhiteHouse

President Obama disses culture with “art history degree” punch line

Let’s Hope Obama’s Swipe At Art History Backfires

President Obama Pens Personal Apology to an Art Historian

Advancing Global Nuclear Security

The Step We Still Haven’t Taken to Create a Nuke-Free World

Address by President Vladimir Putin on Russia assuming the G8 Presidency

The Hague Declaration

Russia braced for $70bn in outflows

Europe’s dependence on Russian oil and gas makes it hard to enact meaningful trade sanctions

G7 warns Russia of more sanctions if Ukraine crisis escalates

Kiev Blamed for Blackout in Capital of Crimea

The Senate Just Cleared Its First Big Hurdle On The Ukraine Aid Bill

On 25th Exxon Valdez Anniversary, Oil Still Clings to Beaches

25 years later, oil spilled from Exxon Valdez still clings to lives, Alaska habitat

Ship Channel remains closed after oil spill

Ship Channel remains closed after oil spill

Watch: Vice President Biden at HRC Los Angeles Gala

Inquiry Is Said to Clear Christie, but That’s His Lawyers’ Verdict

GWB scandal: Top Dem questions Christie lawyers’ internal probe that clears governor

Federal Judge Strikes Down Michigan’s Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

Michigan paid at least $40K for experts in gay marriage trial

Michigan gay marriage ruling (pdf)

Same sex couples rush to marry before federal stay

With Michigan gay marriage ban overturned, some county clerks ready to offer licenses Saturday

Appeals court issues temporary stay in Michigan’s gay marriage case

Will Michigan recognize 300 same-sex marriages? Snyder deflects questions in NYC

Legal questions abound over same-sex marriages in Michigan

Appeals court issues stay on Michigan same-sex marriages until Wednesday

Justice Department ‘closely monitoring’ Michigan’s gay marriage case

Ex-Ridgewood inspector admits to stealing $460,000 in quarters from village [video]

Burning Calories on the Job