Links for the 3/16 TRMS

Links for the 3/16 TRMS
Links for the 3/16 TRMS

Pennsylvania House GOP leaders delay bill forcing women seeking abortions to undergo ultrasounds

Virginia Senate Passes Ultrasound Bill as Other States Take Notice

Committee approves abortion bill; puts in amendment for KU Medical Center

Kansas HOUSE BILL No. 2598 (pdf)

Doctor struggles to fill role of slain Kansas abortion provider

Wrongful Birth Bill: New Abortion Legislation Passes Arizona Senate

Arizona Senate Committee Endorses ‘Tell Your Boss Why You’re On The Pill’ Bill

Senate Democrats seek funding of mandated ultrasounds

Virginia rolls ultrasound bill forward

House G.O.P. Hesitates on Birth Control Fight

Republicans Still Trying To Thread The Needle On Contraception

Robert Bales Identified As Afghanistan Shooter, U.S. Officials Say

Portrait of suspect in Afghan shootings begins to emerge

Afghan massacre suspect identified, due at Kansas base

Suspect in Afghan massacre identified as local soldier

Afghan shootings: US soldier suspect flown to Kuwait

Soldier suspected in Afghan killings identified, likely coming to Fort Leavenworth

Suspect in Afghan Killings Knew War’s Tensions From 4 Tours

Experts: Afghanistan shooting suspect may have post-traumatic stress; had head, foot injuries

Accused G.I. ‘Snapped’ Under Strain, Official Says

Afghan official says surveillance video shows US soldier surrendering after civilians killed

State Sen. Galloway to resign, leaving Senate split

Obama 1990 Interview: ‘We’re Going To Reshape Mean Spirited Selfish America, I Hope To Be Part Of Transformation’ [Updated]

Face It, He Hates You… Obama in 1990: We’re Going to Reshape ‘Mean-Spirited’ and Selfish America

Young Obama at Harvard: ‘Transform’ ‘Mean-Spirited’ America

1990 Obama Interview: America is ‘Mean Spirited’

Obama in 1990: America too “mean-spirited” on race

Obama 1990 Interview: ‘We’re Going To Reshape Mean Spirited Selfish America’

‘Less mean-spirited and more generous’

President Announces Welfare Reform Agenda


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Links for the 3/16 TRMS