Links for the 2/27 TRMS

Links for the 2/27 TRMS
Links for the 2/27 TRMS

Ex-Sen. Russell Pearce wins Arizona GOP leadership role

Santorum stands by opposition to auto bailouts in visit to Detroit

Va. Senate kills ‘personhood’ anti-abortion bill

McDonnell looks to protect MP ambitions in sponsoring ill-through out amendment

Women’s PAC formed following abortion legislation

Ultrasounds before abortions

Alabama Ultrasound Bill: Governor Robert Bentley Says He Just Learned About Legislation

Ultrasound bill will be changed, says sponsor

Alabama GOP wants Virginia’s vaginal ultrasound bill

Senator plans to rewrite bill in Alabama Legislature that would require ultrasounds before abortions

Pennsylvania House Bill No. 1077 - Providing for ultrasound test requirements to determine gestational ages of unborn children

Abortion Bill Stirs Up Tempest: Lawmaker would require women to get an ultrasound 24 hours before having an abortion.

Pro-life advocates revive stalled anti-abortion bill

Women’s Strike Force

Parade to welcome home troops will piggyback on St. Patty’s in OKC

Tucson closer to hosting veterans parade

Parade to honor Iraq War vets

Georgia’s Iraq War vets coming to Rome for parade, festival

Newt Gingrich’s super PAC receives another ‘substantial’ contribution from Sheldon Adelson

Behind N.Y. Gay Marriage, an Unlikely Mix of Forces

Whitewashing Gay History


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Links for the 2/27 TRMS