Links for the 2/24 TRMS

Links for the 2/24 TRMS
Links for the 2/24 TRMS

Euthanasia in the Netherlands: Rick Santorum’s bogus statistics

Dutch Outraged Over Santorum’s Euthanasia Claim

Santorum Roils Dutch Politics

Rick Santorum denkt Nederland te kennen: grootschalige bejaardenmoord

Hollandse BejaardenEndlösung volgens Santorum

Timmermans wil actie Rosenthal om ‘schandalige euthanasie-beschuldigingen’ Santorum

Frans Timmermans: “This can’t be real.”

Virginia’s proposed abortion law ‘akin to rape’

Va. House says no exceptions on ultrasound viewing before abortion

Va. House, Senate approve abortion-related bills

Virginia governor no longer fully supports ultrasounds before abortions

McDonnell pushes amendments to ultrasound bill

89 Thesis A Different Side of McDonnell

Robert F. McDonnell’s 1989 Master’s Thesis (pdf): “The Republican arty’s vision for the family: The compelling issue of the decade”

Govs. Martin O’Malley, Bob McDonnell duel in D.C.

‘Ride to Freedom’ to honor Iraq War veterans

Tucson closer to hosting veterans parade

Parade to honor Iraq War vets

Georgia’s Iraq War vets coming to Rome for parade, festival


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Links for the 2/24 TRMS