Links for the 2/1 TRMS

Links for the 2/1 TRMS
Links for the 2/1 TRMS


Mitt Romney’s Mexican Roots; His Father Was Born In Mexico, Could Choose Dual Citizenship 

Recall Election Claims Arizona Anti-Immigration Champion

@DanielDPortado - Daniel D. Portado - LATINOS! I want you to vote for Mitt Romney today in Florida, then I want you to get on your little lanchas and SELF DEPORT!

@MexicanMitt - Mexican Mitt Romney - I AM THE JUAN PERCENT

Florida GOP Voters Older, Less White Than Other Early States

Should most illegal immigrants working in the United States be…

Recall Election Claims Arizona Anti-Immigration Champion

Ex-Sen. Russell Pearce wins Arizona GOP leadership role

Romney Wins, but Turnout Lags

Bob McDonnell’s Liberty University thesis on cohabitators, homosexuals and fornicators (pdf)

VA Lawmaker Adds Male Anal Exam Fairness Rule To New Abortion Law

Viagra regs paired with abortion rules

Indiana House OKs amendment to drug test legislators

Ind. House dilutes drug tests for lawmakers

Indiana Considering Bill to Allow Creationism in Public Schools

Theocracy on the move in Indiana

Creation Science Bill Passes Indiana Senate

“Teaching of the origin of life. … Requires the curriculum for the course to include theories from multiple religions.”

NFLPA Statement on So-Called ‘Right-to-Work’ Legislation

Chairman Ryan Gets Nearly Two-Thirds of His Huge Budget Cuts From Programs for Lower-Income Americans

Ryan Budget Would Slash SNAP Funding by $127 Billion Over Ten Years

Romney presents plan to cut $500 billion from federal budget

Gingrich Is Red, Romney Is Orange


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Links for the 2/1 TRMS