Links for the 1/7 TRMS

Links for the 1/7 TRMS
Links for the 1/7 TRMS

Tonight’s citations are listed after the jump…

Authorization for use of military force (pdf)

Chuck Hagel says time to wind down in Afghanistan

Chateau de la Tour

Taliban Unveil Political Plan

GOP senators criticize Susan Rice after meeting

No Way. No How. No Brennan.

Executive Order 13491 – Ensuring Lawful Interrogations

Obama Orders Secret Prisons and Detention Camps Closed

Clinton Makes Case for Obama

Newt Gingrich - ‏@newtgingrich - 3830 was the dow the day the gop won congress in 1994. It was 10,587 the day clinton left office in 2001. He worked with gop, obama didn’t

President Obama nominates third Republican to his cabinet

February 12, 2009 - Gregg Withdraws as Commerce Secretary Nominee

Obama To Nominate McHugh For Senior Army Post

Obama Nominates GOP’s Jim Leach to Lead National Endowment for the Humanities

Republican Anne Northup Tapped to Fill Final CPSC Commissioner Spot

In Cheney’s Shadow, Counsel Pushes the Conservative Cause

What Addington Wrought

Cheney’s Cheney

Cheney aide Addington rises at Heritage

Influential Bush Administration Lawyer to Head Heritage Legal Shop

It’s Our War - Bush should go to Jerusalem–and the U.S. should confront Iran.

Bill Kristol says Iraq War will last 2 months

FLASHBACK: Bill Kristol Wanted Chuck Hagel To Be Vice President

Still a potent gay rights voice, Barney Frank dials back opposition to Chuck Hagel nomination

After Ticketmaster Glitch, Inaugural Ball and Parade Tickets Sell Out Early

Tickemaster screws up, inauguration tickets sell out


GoPro Camera on Trombone (scroll down a bit)


Rachel Maddow Show Links

Links for the 1/7 TRMS