Links for the 1/16 TRMS

Links for the 1/16 TRMS
Links for the 1/16 TRMS

The rest of the links cited on tonight’s show will be posted here shortly, but in case you’re following Rachel’s direction for finding the Lunchpail Republicans’ site, it’s here at (Previously: Straight out of Indiana, Lunchpail Republicans)

OK, here’s the full list:

Super PAC Satire: Colbert Explains (Faux) Presidential Run to ABC News

Eclectablog: LIVEBLOG: MLK Day march on home of Mich Governor Rick Snyder

Review of Detroit’s finances moves city closer to emergency manager appointment

Republicans win most legislative seats in generations

Michigan passes ‘financial martial law’ bill

Governor names Flint native as city’s emergency financial manager

Half of Michigan African Americans will soon be under the rule of an Emergency Manager

Elected officials’ letter to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (pdf)

Guest commentary: Dr. King would want people to fight emergency manager law

NFLPA Statement on So-Called ‘Right-to-Work’ Legislation

Lunchpail Republicans Launch to Return Indiana Party to Ordinary

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels letter to I.U.O.E. Local 150 supportion union rights (before he was against them?) (pdf)

Lunchpail Republicans attack Daniels in new ads

Huntsman: Romney’s a ‘perfectly lubricated weather vane’

Google cache of Huntsman’s

Google cache of Huntsman’s “”

Jon Huntsman’s anti-Romney flipping monkey ad


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Links for the 1/16 TRMS