Links for the 11/19 TRMS

Links for the 11/19 TRMS
Links for the 11/19 TRMS

‘This Week’ Transcript: House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Peter King and Sen. Carl Levin

McCain Missed Private Benghazi Hearing Because of “Scheduling Error”

McCain Refuses To Support Any Secretary Of State Nominee

McCain wants vacant Secretary of State’s office

McCain “We may muddle through in Afghanistan”

McCain: ‘Today, we are all Georgians’

McCain’s Foreign Policy Gaffe (CBS News)

Obama calls CEOs including Buffett, Dimon

Obama brings CEOs in for fiscal cliff talks

The Latest Plan To Keep Elizabeth Warren Off Banking

Big Banks vs. Elizabeth Warren: It’s On (Again!)


Republicans gain strength in Senate

GOP picks up at least 10 governors’ mansions

Republicans Make Historic Gains in State Legislatures, Pick Up Hundreds of Seats

Michael Steele Defeated In RNC Election For Chairman

Wisconsin GOP head Priebus announces bid for RNC Chair

November 5, 2012 - For Democrats, It’s (Ground) Game Over

RNC cuts ties with firm over voter fraud allegations

Reince Priebus tries to lock down RNC chair again

Why So Many Nursing Homes in the Rockaways?

The H Train lives: Free Rockaway shuttle to debut tomorrow

A train to Far Rockaway

Rockaway Park post-Sandy

MTA Flickr: Damage to the A Line to the Rockaways

Sailors assist with Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.

MTA Video Release: Rockaways Train Lift


Rachel Maddow Show Links

Links for the 11/19 TRMS