Links for the 10/24 TRMS

Links for the 10/24 TRMS
Links for the 10/24 TRMS

Americans Favor Jobs Plan Proposals, Including Taxing Rich

Fact Sheet: Teachers And First Responders Back To Work Act

The White House Blog - We Can’t Wait

@ReincePriebus - Reince Priebus - #WeCantWait to make @BarackObama a one-term president.

Rick Perry Hates to Lose But Can He Win Over America?

Trump Won’t Confirm Details Of Perry Meeting, Will Confirm Continued Birtherism

UPDATE 1-New Hampshire mulls Republican primary in December

Nevada GOP agrees to shift presidential caucuses to Feb. 4, avoid election calendar fight

Bachmann’s New Hampshire campaign staff quits

Bachmann’s N.H. Campaign Manager Confirms He Is Leaving

Bachmann denies N.H. staff has quit

Bachmann Disputes Collapse Of Her N.H. Operation

Bachmann’s New Hampshire campaign departs - The Team cites lack of support and poor communication as reasons for leaving (pdf)

Team Michele Bachmann: Pay no attention to those statements


Rachel Maddow Show Links

Links for the 10/24 TRMS