Links for the 10/1 TRMS

Links for the 10/1 TRMS
Links for the 10/1 TRMS

Citations for Tuesday’s show are listed after the jump…

Not Actually a Shutdown

BEDFORD: 11 reasons to love the government shutdown


Bonneville Fish Hatchery (pdf)

Mr. Colvin trying to explain the Gov. Shutdown to his 4th grade students. Their field trip to Bonneville Dam has been canceled.

House GOP to try piecemeal funding; Obama threatens veto

Two Marine generals fired for security lapses in Afghanistan

FERC nominee Binz gives up, withdraws from consideration

Strategic Command No. 2 Suspension Linked to Probe of Counterfeit Poker Chips

Ginger Gibson - ‏@GingerGibson - I’m not over exaggerating when I say I can smell the booze wafting from members as they walk off the floor.

KateNocera - ‏@KateNocera - I def saw more than 1 member of congress putting a few back on Penn earlier. Ran into 2 in the liquor store.

jennifer bendery - @jbendery - About every other House lawmaker I just talked to smelled like booze. It’s only 9pm. Wheeee!

Sam Stein - ‏@samsteinhp - confirmed. also, it’s a bipartisan affair RT @jbendery: About every other House lawmaker I just talked to smelled like booze. It’s only 9pm.

On cusp of shutdown, House conservatives excited, say they are doing the right thing

U.S. Shutdown Nears as House Votes to Delay Health Law

What Are Conservatives Thinking?

Republicans eye 2011 shutdown over Obamacare

Erick Erickson - @EWErickson - I’m almost giddy thinking about a government shutdown next year. I cannot wait!

Mike Lee: Government Shutdown ‘May Be Absolutely Necessary’ (AUDIO)

April 08, 2011 - GOP policy demands threaten talks on the federal spending plan as the deadline nears.

July 26, 2011 - US debt ceiling crisis: Why Republicans won’t compromise

September 22, 2011 - Republican Defections Kill Measure Needed to Avoid Shutdown

4/25/12 - Government shutdown on the horizon?

December 22, 2012 - Analysis: GOP policies led to fiscal cliff blowup

Jan. 23, 2013 - House GOP Postpones Debt-Limit Fight-For Now

Sep. 30, 2013 - Republicans’ Shutdown Fight Exposes Simmering Civil War

Republicans Spent Year Blocking Budget Conference (VIDEO)

GOP appoints Cantor, others to meet with Senate

@GOPLeader - Eric Cantor - We sit ready to negotiate with the Senate. #FairnessForAll

Leo Shane - ‏@LeoShane - Tons of applause as the WWII vets from Miss. storm their memorial. Park police on the way. #shutdown

17 years in the making, WWII shrine is a reality

PRESS RELEASE #13-030 Impact of government shutdown on Camp Pendleton

Government shutdown has impact on military bases