Links cited on the 1/11 TRMS

Links cited on the 1/11 TRMS
Links cited on the 1/11 TRMS

Jon Huntsman trails Stephen Colbert in South Carolina poll 

Polls (and Iowa voters) say ‘no,’ but Perry says ‘go’

Santorum, Gingrich Join Perry Challenge to Virginia Ballot Rules

Mississippi Governor, Already Criticized on Pardons, Rides a Wave of Them Out of Office


State court halts quick release of some pardoned

Haley Barbour’s Back at His Old Firm

Union Protestors at Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels’ State of the State Address

Daniels defends right-to-work in ‘State’ speech

NFL players oppose Ind. GOP effort to ‘ram through’ labor bill ahead of Super Bowl

Newt web ad: For The Dogs

The Secretary of State thinks there will be 250,000 ballots cast in the Republican Primary and 75,000 ballots cast in the Democratic Primary

New Hampshire Republican Primary vote totals

Sununu: Romney knows ‘he has to work hard’

Analysis: Romney tax plan would most benefit wealthy

Downtown Iraqi eatery’s plate full with vets’ support

Babylon Restaurant, Lowell


Rachel Maddow Show Links

Links cited on the 1/11 TRMS