Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) listens at a hearing in Washington, DC. on April 8, 2014.
Win McNamee/Getty

Lindsey Graham: Dr. Ford ‘has got a problem’

Yesterday afternoon, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) announced on Twitter that he’d talk to Fox News’ Sean Hannity about yesterday’s developments, and as part of the message, he pointed supporters to the fact that he was eating Chick-fil-A with the show’s host.

Because in this heated environment, it’s apparently important to politicize food choices, too.

On the air, Graham said largely what one would expect, though his comments about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford were a little unexpected.

“It’s certainly not about protecting Dr. Ford. The one thing I learned beyond any doubt today, any doubt, is they never intended to protect Dr. Ford.

“And everything I believed I knew about Brett Kavanaugh, I am now more convinced than ever that he didn’t do it. That he is the right guy to be on the court. That Ms. Ford has got a problem and destroying Judge Kavanaugh’s life won’t fix her problem.”

The South Carolinian didn’t elaborate as to what he thinks the professor’s “problem” is.

Graham’s message is increasingly disjointed, to the point that it’d hard to know exactly what point he’s trying to convey, other than express his support for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. On the one hand, he seems eager to position himself as some kind of Ford ally, shouting at yesterday’s hearing that she’s the “victim” of some nefarious Democratic plot that he failed to identify.

Indeed, he echoed the point this morning, returning to – where else? – Fox News to argue that Democrats “could give a damn about Dr. Ford.”

But we’re apparently supposed to believe Graham does give a damn about her, even as he tells a national television audience that Ford “has got a problem and destroying Judge Kavanaugh’s life won’t fix her problem.”