Letter: ‘Great flabbergasting,’ meet ‘right flight’


On Friday, Rachel proposed a new term to describe her favorite political meme of the Obama presidency. She proposes calling the way Republicans have rejected their own ideas “the great flabbergasting.”

Viewer @BrassBand suggests another new term, this one to describe what happens when President Obama negotiates from the middle:

I saw a segment called “The Great Flabbergasting.” I actually had a similar idea to attach a “semantic tag” to what we’re seeing from the conservatives:

‘Right Flight’

If it sounds like something familiar…that’s because it’s meant to. It goes something like this:

In an attempt to compromise, Obama *moves* to the middle. By being there, the right wing *moves* to get away from him - but always and only further to the right.

“Right flight,” welcome to the lexicon.

Letter: 'Great flabbergasting,' meet 'right flight'