Koch brothers’ 2012 goal: $200 million plus


We’ve known that Karl Rove intends to raise and spend Monopoly money in the 2012 elections, with a $240 million goal, double the war chest from 2010. We’ve seen that Mr. Rove can pull in that money for his American Crossroads with help from a very few members of a very select club.

We haven’t known the intentions of the billionaire Koch brothers, who coordinated with Mr. Rove last time out but who now show signs of going their own way. Politico today reports that the Koch brothers intend to steer at least $200 million into the election:

There have been some signs suggesting how they might divide up the 2012 labor. For instance, during presentations in late June in Vail, Colo., at the latest installment of the twice-a-year gatherings of major donors sponsored by the Koch brothers’ privately owned oil, chemical and consumer products company, Koch operatives signaled they “are going to focus a great deal on the presidential race,” according to someone who attended the meeting.

Koch Brothers

Koch brothers' 2012 goal: $200 million plus