#Kansas goes to the brink on abortion



Less than an hour before the close of business yesterday, the Kansas health department granted a license to a Planned Parenthood clinic so it could continue offering abortion services to its patients. The state has only other two clinics, and each failed to meet a new set of regulations that required architectural changes within 48 hours.

In the state government’s continued march against women’s constitutional freedom, the new regulations also appear to require the clinics to have the records of staff, volunteers and patients ready for inspection by Kansas health officials. This means that if you seek an abortion, you do so knowing that the Kansas government can look that up any time it wants. The provision echoes the case of former Attorney General Phill Kline, who has been up on ethics charges for gathering the records of patients at the clinic of the late Dr. George Tiller.

Last night on the show, two abortion providers in Kansas told us that the patients and their clinic are under pressure from the state and that they themselves feel unprotected against the violent extremism that killed Dr. Tiller. Rachel asked Dr. Traci Nauser and her father, Dr.  Herbert Hodes, if they believed the state tried to shield them. “Of course not,” Dr. Hoades said. “You know that they could care less.”