Joe Paterno talks to the crowd


This was posted on YouTube a couple of days ago by a supporter of former Penn State coach Joe Paterno:

Remember, we’re always gonna be Penn State, regardless of what happens to certain people. We’re Penn State. I’m proud of you folks. I’m proud of you. I’ve always been proud of you.

Let’s all just cheer that football team on Saturday, all right? Beat Nebraska.

You know, there’s been some criticism of the way we’ve handled some of the poor victims. My wife and I, we have 17 grandkids. from 16 to three, and we pray for them every night. We’re going to start praying for those kids that got involved with some of the problems that we talked about. They don’t deserve it. We owe it to them, to say a prayer for them and to make sure they understand t heir life is still one that can be enriched, one that can have significant impact on other people and do a lot of different things, as all of you can.

So God bless everything.

An independent student newspaper, the Daily, provides a timeline today. The New York Times looks at Governor Tom Corbett’s role in prosecuting the case and pressing for Coach Paterno’s firing.