It’s only the longest war in American history


Josh Rogin recently tried to find out what Mitt Romney’s position is on U.S. policy in Afghanistan. It didn’t go well.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s policy on the future of U.S.-led war in Afghanistan war is unclear and confusing, complicating attempts to either support or criticize it during the campaign, according to leading senators from both parties. […]

[W]hen it comes to what a President Romney would do differently from Obama on Afghanistan if and when he became president, the details remain sketchy.

Rogin asked around on Capitol Hill, and couldn’t get any good answers there, either, even from Romney’s allies. Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) said, “You would have to tell me what exactly you mean by ‘his policy.’”

This morning, Luke Russert asked Romney campaign adviser Tara Wall for the candidate’s position. She clearly had no idea what to say, and offered a strange, meandering word salad (via Ben Armbruster).

For the record, the presidential election is less than four months away. Romney is headed abroad. We’re in the midst of the longest war in American history. Isn’t it a little odd that we have no idea what the candidate intends to do in Afghanistan and members of his own team can’t speak about the subject in complete sentences?

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It's only the longest war in American history