‘It is like night and day’


From time to time, it seems as if the left and right don’t just disagree on the issues, but actually live in entirely different realities. Yesterday offered a classic example of the phenomenon.

Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell noticed this gem.

[Wednesday] afternoon on Fox, frequent guests Monica Crowley and Kirsten Powers battled over whether there is a media “double standard” in treatment for George W. Bush and Barack Obama in their respective military campaigns.

Conservative radio host Crowley insisted the “double standard” exists, pointing to her belief that in the 2003 run-up to the Iraq War, Bush faced tough criticism from a skeptical press. “When you look at the difference of that coverage and President Obama going to Libya without congressional approval and the run-up to Syria, it is like night and day,” she said.

For most of us, just reading Crowley’s words out of context, the observations may seem quite compelling. Putting aside for now how very different the situations in Iraq, Libya, and Syria are, it’s very easy to believe there really is a “double standard” in the media, with reporters applying far more scrutiny to one administration instead of the other. It really is “like night and day.”

But in Crowley’s version of reality, the observation has been turned on its head. In her world, news organizations were fierce skeptics of the conflict in Iraq, and challenged then-President George W. Bush’s claims every step of the way. What’s more, in her world, reporters are giving President Obama a free pass now.

In the alternative universe Crowley perceives, the media didn’t play a cheerleading role in advance of the war in Iraq, ignoring critics. And now, she believes, news outlets are pushing for military intervention abroad.

As you can see in the clip, she didn’t appear to be kidding.

I don’t recognize Crowley’s version of reality, but I wonder what the weather is like in her alternative universe.

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'It is like night and day'