Irene’s likelihood of redrawing your coastline for a while


This is a map of storm surge flood zones in New York City based on the information in this map (pdf) that Rachel showed on the air tonight.

The National Hurricane Center has a similar map for the whole coast so you can zoom in on your particular spot to see how it would fare in a direct hit by different category storms. I found that link via this somewhat alarming blog post from Dr. Jeff Masters, wherein he also suggests these Storm Surge Inundation Maps.

To be honest, I had a hard time finding the same meaning in the Storm Surge Inundation maps that I found in the more specific, zoomable maps -though the point is plain enough: storm surge + high tides = lots of low land coastal flooding. (They’re much easier to understand when they’re animated.)

But what’s kept me up into the wee hours tonight is the WunderMap, which puts in your hands the kind of graphic mapped information you see cycling on TV and wish you could have a little more control of. Just keep checking and unchecking the boxes in the panel on the right and see how much it messes with your bedtime.

I found the WunderMap as part of this collection, from which I recommend the “Flash Tracker.”

ADDING: Of course, I left out the most obvious (and most heavily used, according to everyone I know), the interactive map on my own site, the Hurricane Tracker.

Irene's likelihood of redrawing your coastline for a while