‘Ignorance and Sophistry 101’


Mitt Romney and his campaign aides strongly believe policymakers can “help the American people” by laying off school teachers, police officers, and firefighters. The vast majority of the American mainstream doesn’t seem to agree, but Romney has apparently convinced Rush Limbaugh.

a closet Keynesian, but he can’t admit it because his party has become too radical to tolerate the same economic model both parties have accepted for several decades.

But if Romney and Limbaugh actually, sincerely believe what they’re saying, I’d just ask them to consider one question: do they believe teachers, police officers, and firefighters spend money?

I mean, really. Limbaugh argued with a straight face today that cops, firefighters, and teachers may work and contribute to society, “but there’s no growth in the economy” as a result of their jobs. In other words, there are hundreds of thousands of teachers and first responders, but they never buy things and they never invest, so when they get laid off en masse, there are no economic consequences whatsoever.

Seriously, who’s going to believe this? Exactly how many voters are going to hear this and think, “Yep, that makes sense”?

Rush Limbaugh

'Ignorance and Sophistry 101'