If you make it harder to vote, it’s harder to vote


In one of the states where they’re trying to make voting harder, the state admits that it’s really hard to get one of the new free photo IDs that let you vote if don’t have a license. Mississippi’s Secretary of State tells the Jackson Free-Press that yes, there’s an infinite loop. From the JFP:

One of the requirements to get the free voter ID cards is a birth certificate, but in order to receive a certified copy of your birth certificate in Mississippi, you must have a photo ID. Not having the photo ID is why most people need the voter ID in the first place.

Mississippi is trying to persuade the federal Department of Justice to approve the new law. Part of that was making voter IDs free to avoid creating a poll tax. The state still lists birth certificates as costing $15, in addition to needing a photo ID. In the first two weeks of trying to get would-be voters to sign up for a free ID, the JFP says the state has had just 35 requests.


If you make it harder to vote, it's harder to vote