‘I want my country forward.’ (Instant folk art for Rand Paul)

Right on cue, the victorious Rand Paul delivered a Tea Party rallying cry as he celebrated victory in the Kentucky Senate primary last night. Paul, his state’s new Republican nominee, told the crowd:
“We’ve come to take our country government back.”
(Misquote from a faulty transcription fixed and link replaced. In an e-mail to voters yesterday, Rand wrote of wanting to “begin anew the work of taking back our country.”) Viewer Brandon Green has a response to that idea, making use of the famous bikini graph of jobs gained and lost and a line from Bill Maher’s “New Rules” segment. And tonight: Rand Paul’s coming on our show! Paul announced his candidacy on the show last May. (Got something to send? Send it!)

Rand Paul

'I want my country forward.' (Instant folk art for Rand Paul)