‘I think Ron Paul is on to something’


If it’s true that no one has any idea who’s going to win the Iowa Republican caucuses next week, it’s also true that Ron Paul’s surge in the polls carries real meaning. Congressman Paul (R-Texas) is up by four points over Mitt Romney in Public Policy Poll released this morning.

For David Yepsen, a veteran of covering Iowa politics, the Paul-momentum is not for nothing. He told us last night:

I think Ron Paul is on to something. There is an anger in the electorate. You know, you see the same thing on the far left-hand side of the spectrum with the Occupy movement. People are angry throughout the political spectrum.

You can see Buddy Roemer working those same constituencies, running as a Republican and offering himself as a choice for the crowd at Occupy Wall Street. Dissatisfaction, whatever the source, can fuel an outsider campaign.

And it may be that the vaguer the unhappiness, the better. David Yepsen – who, for the record, doesn’t see a future President Paul – says that in broad terms, Americans are tired of the wars and the deficits and want to focus on what’s wrong at home. You?

Ron Paul

'I think Ron Paul is on to something'