‘I feel like I know what happened in Benghazi’


House Republicans are so excited about today’s hearing on Benghazi – yes, another one – that aides to Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) released movie-poster-like images several days ago, as part of a larger promotional push. Subtle, it wasn’t.

But as the search for the GOP’s white whale continues, even some conservative Republicans don’t see the point.

For those who can’t watch clips online, msnbc’s Chuck Todd talked to Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) this morning about several things, including today’s Benghazi hearing. “What is the unanswered question on Benghazi that you feel like you want out of these hearings?” Todd asked. The Tennessee Republican responded:

“You know Chuck, I’ve got so much on this end of the building that I hadn’t really focused much on the House. I do think one fair question at this point, there were four individuals involved. They’ve been reprimanded. They’re sitting at home with full pay. Americans all across our country are unemployed. There are four State Department officials that candidly, there’s been no accountability and I just don’t think it bodes well to know that people have made some mistakes and candidly mistakes that cost people lives, people’s lives and, and there’s nothing happening. So I think that that’s an issue that does need to get resolved. We need to know were these people culpable or not. If they were, why are they still on the payroll? Other than that, I’ve been able to read all the cables. I’ve seen the films. I feel like I know what happened in Benghazi. I’m fairly satisfied, but look, if the House wants to have hearings, I hope they’re done in a respectful way and hopefully it will shed some light on what happened.” (emphasis added)

In other words, Corker isn’t thrilled that suspended State Department employees are still receiving paychecks, but other than that, he doesn’t see the point of today’s pointless theatrics in the House.

When a Democratic senator says this, it’s expected. When a conservative Republican senator from a red state, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and has seen the evidence, says this, it suggests Issa and other House Republicans are engaged in a p.r. exercise that offers more heat than light.

Bob Corker, Darrell Issa and Benghazi

'I feel like I know what happened in Benghazi'