Highlights from the great marriage equality limerick-off

I’m calling these “highlights” because there’s no way to declare a winner in such an outstanding collection of submissions to our marriage equality limerick bee challenge. To recap: among individual pioneers bringing marriage equality to states was featured a Pennsylvania clerk who issued the state’s first same-sex marriage license to a pair of women from Limerick, Pennsylvania. Our challenge to readers to write actual limericks to honor the bravery of Bruce Hanes and those like him was met with a wave of creativity. Here are a couple of good ones that came in through Facebook, with many more noteworthy submissions from here on the MaddowBlog posted after the jump. Thanks very much to everyone who participated: Doug Lotz My mom used to say “Oh No Way!” A wedding is not for the Gay! But she says it no more And on 8/24 She’ll stand next to me proudly that day! Rich Kasper Pre-Windsor the prospects were grim, For full marriage rights, her-her, him-him. But the Court has now spoken. The spell has been broken, For regular marriage, not skim. David UK Dear children, there once was a day When two men or two women could say, “I love you,”–and mean it, But the law stood between; it Said marriage was not for the gays. (David’s was actually a two-parter, but what grabbed me was his “mean it/between it” rhyme.) Sharon Neeman The Supreme Court said DOMA is dead; Gays and lesbians, hasten to wed! Love, honor and cherish; Watch bigotry perish And tolerance flourish instead! Rob in CT Though bigots are still making noise When girls marry girls , or boys boys, The hearts that are open Changed laws, and here’s hopin’ Closed minds can soon share in our joys. Sid Schwab There’s good news when living in Penn Sylvania if you are men Or women who love Each other above The opposite sex: now you can. Madeleine Begun Kane Same sex couples are quick to endorse The spread of gay marriage, of course. But the happiest folks Are THESE women and blokes: Hungry lawyers who handle divorce.