GOP guy on 2012: Freedomworks ‘impotent’ to stop Romney, Palin ‘third-tier’


The last time Republicans tried to win the White House, Steve Schmidt served as senior campaign strategist for the McCain/Palin ticket. Last night, he surveyed the field – starting with Mitt Romney and Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks, which would like to end the Romney bid. Schmidt had this to say about whether FreedomWorks could derail Mr. Romney:

No. Look, I think at the end of the day, it’s a pay-for-play organization that is good about sending out press releases about itself. I think it’s pretty impotent in terms of being able to do serious injury to, you know, the nominee should, you know, Mitt Romney be the nominee at the end of the day.

So there’s that. Now with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie saying for sure that he’s not running for president, about the last possible candidate who might jump in is Sarah Palin. Schmidt, who tried to get her elected V.P. in 2008, says she’d have no chance:

She would be, I think, in a space somewhere between Bachmann and Gingrich. She doesn’t jump to the top of the field. She’s a third-tier candidate. She’s the most famous candidate.

“Is this all there is?” Rachel asked on the show last night. Is it really down to Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and sometimes, when he’s not on book tour, Herman Cain? Maybe so.

Dick Armey, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney

GOP guy on 2012: Freedomworks 'impotent' to stop Romney, Palin 'third-tier'