Friday’s Mini-Report


Today’s edition of quick hits:

* At a press conference with Japan’s foreign minister, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the hostage crisis in Algeria is “an act of terror.” One American, Frederick Buttaccio of Texas, has reportedly been killed.

* More on the story: “Dozens of foreign hostages may still be held by Islamist extremists who have defied demands to surrender in a besieged Algerian gas-field complex, Algeria’s state-run news agency reported Friday, and the United States said for the first time that American citizens were among them.”

* A 2-1 ruling from the 7th Circuit: “A federal appeals court on Friday reversed a decision by a local federal judge and upheld a state law that strictly curtails the collective bargaining rights of public workers in Wisconsin.”

* Both former Presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush will not attend President Obama’s second inaugural.

* The White House is generally “encouraged” by the new House Republican position on the debt ceiling.

* John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods, regrets comparing the nation’s health care law to “fascism,” but he can’t seem to stop saying very strange things.

* A surprise from the TSA: “The Transportation Security Administration will remove 174 full-body scanners from airport security checkpoints, ending a $40 million contract for the machines, which caused a uproar because they revealed a spectral naked form of passengers. “

* Good call: “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is drawing a line in the sand on any congressional immigration reform proposals: No citizenship, no bill.”

* How very meta: “Fox highlights poll on belief in Obama conspiracy theories that Fox helped perpetuate.”

* And in light of this week’s interest in trolls, I thought I’d mention that Liz Cheney offers a classic example of sad, almost pathetic, trolling.

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Friday's Mini-Report