Friday’s Mini-Report

Friday's Mini-Report
Friday's Mini-Report
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Today’s edition of quick hits:

* It begins: “Democratic New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed suit against Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo for deceptive and fraudulent use of a private database used to register mortgages.”

* Obama must be the least-effective socialist in human history: “A surge in hiring in the world’s largest economy last month drove the Nasdaq to an 11-year high on Friday.”

* In the wake of the Komen for the Cure controversy, Planned Parenthood they’ve raised over $3 million in three days. That’s a stunning figure.

* Saber rattling in Tehran: “Iran’s supreme leader lashed out at the United States in a defiant speech on Friday, vowing to retaliate against oil sanctions and threats of war over Iran’s nuclear program.”

* On to the House: “The Senate passed a sweeping new ethics bill on Thursday that would ban insider trading by members of Congress and require prompt disclosure of stock transactions by lawmakers and by thousands of officials in the executive branch of government.” The final vote was 96 to 3.

* Obama’s message to Congress today: “Do not slow down the recovery … don’t muck it up!”

* For some reason, Fox News didn’t consider the new job numbers important. It must have slipped their minds.

* On a related note, the encouraging jobs report, at least for a little while, left Republican leaders speechless.

* At one event in Nevada today, Mitt Romney argued the economy is recovering under Obama, and that Obama made the recession worse. He may want to give this some additional thought.

* That’s a lot of money: “At a private three-day retreat in California last weekend, conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch and about 250 to 300 other individuals pledged approximately $100 million to defeat President Obama in the 2012 elections.”

Anything to add? Consider this an open thread.

Friday's Mini-Report