Friday’s Mini-Report


Today’s edition of quick hits:

* Europe: “The leaders of the euro zone’s four largest economies vowed on Friday to defend the common currency with all means necessary, trying to reassure markets before yet another key summit meeting of the European Union next week in Brussels. But there clear disagreement remains about what those mechanisms ought to be.”

* On a related note, talk of a new European stimulus is dependent on the details, “which remain murky.”

* Did Syria shoot down a Turkish fighter jet today? At this point, the answer isn’t clear.

* Unrest in Cairo: “Egypt’s military rulers warned on Friday that they would use ‘the utmost firmness’ against anyone they deem to threaten ‘the higher interests of the country’ just as tens of thousands of demonstrators flooded into Tahrir Square here for the fourth day of demonstrations against the dissolution of Parliament and reassertion of their power.”

* Male Afghan insurgents, dressed as women, launched a brazen attack on a lakeside resort today, killing at least 20 civilians.

* The Arkansas Supreme Court “struck down the state’s execution law Friday, calling it unconstitutional.”

* Amine El Khalifi: “A suspect in a planned suicide bombing attack on Congress has pled guilty to charges against him in federal court.”

* Garrett Epps takes a closer look at the Supreme Court’s Knox v. SEIU ruling, which he calls the high court’s “Scott Walker moment.”

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Friday's Mini-Report