Friday’s Mini-Report


Today’s edition of quick hits:

* Rare progress in the Eurozone: “In the face of pressure from the embattled euro zone countries Italy and Spain, European leaders agreed early Friday to use the Continent’s bailout funds to recapitalize struggling banks directly, cheering financial markets but prompting unease in Germany, whose taxpayers may face more risk.”

* President Obama surveyed damage in Colorado today, caused by the deadly wildfires.

* Good luck with that: “President-elect Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood [promised in a televised speech to hundreds of thousands of supporters in Tahrir Square] to work for the release of the Egyptian-born Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, jailed for plotting to bomb a series of New York City landmarks.”

* Good call: “The Justice Department declared Friday that Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to withhold information about a bungled gun-tracking operation from Congress does not constitute a crime and he won’t be prosecuted for contempt of Congress.”

* Rush Limbaugh really isn’t taking yesterday’s news well: “Apparently now Marbury v. Madison is out and Roberts v. America is in.”

* Peggy Noonan thinks yesterday’s health care ruling seems “very bad for the atmosphere of freedom in our country.” Oh for crying out loud.

* The RNC filed a pretty important lawsuit last week, which has largely gone unnoticed, “challenging campaign contribution limits set by the federal government, continuing the party’s efforts to dismantle the laws restricting money in political campaigns.”

* Paul Krugman raises a point about health care reform opponents that I think about every day: “[W]hat was and is really striking about the anti-reformers is their cruelty. It would be one thing if, at any point, they had offered any hint of an alternative proposal to help Americans with pre-existing conditions, Americans who simply can’t afford expensive individual insurance, Americans who lose coverage along with their jobs. But it has long been obvious that the opposition’s goal is simply to kill reform, never mind the human consequences.”

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Friday's Mini-Report