Friday’s Mini-Report, 2.17.17

Today’s edition of quick hits:

* A tough choice to defend: “The U.S. Senate Friday confirmed Oklahoma attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the EPA in a party-line 52-46 vote. Democrats did all they could to delay the final vote, holding another all-night session to highlight their opposition to the Oklahoma attorney general for his past battles with the regulatory agency he is now tasked to run.”

* A nervous Europe: “European leaders Friday fired a salvo of warnings against Washington, cautioning it against hurting EU cohesion, abandoning shared values and seeking a rapprochement with Russia behind the backs of its allies.”

* One of Flynn’s many controversies: “The Pentagon hasn’t found any documents indicating that Mike Flynn received authorization to accept money from a foreign government before traveling to Moscow in 2015 for a paid Russian state TV event, according to a letter from the acting Secretary of the Army.”

* The right call: “A florist who refused to sell flowers for a same-sex wedding cannot claim religious belief as a defense under the state’s anti-discrimination laws, Washington’s high court said Thursday, in a case that has been watched around the nation by religious and civil rights groups.”

* Also the right call: “Florida lawmakers violated the First Amendment when they passed a law prohibiting doctors generally from asking patients if they owned guns, a federal appeals court ruled on Thursday.”

* A South Carolina man “was arrested in connection with planning a violent white supremacist attack ‘in the spirit of Dylann Roof,’ the FBI said in a complaint Thursday.”

* A powerful job many Republicans didn’t want: “Mike Dubke, a veteran Republican media strategist, has been hired as the White House communications director, potentially providing some relief for its embattled press secretary, Sean Spicer, who’s been holding down both jobs.”

* I wish he didn’t treat this process like a reality show: “President Trump said Friday he has a four-person short list for his national security adviser after retired Vice Adm. Robert Harward turned down the job. In a Twitter post, Trump mentioned retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, who is currently serving as acting national security adviser, as ‘very much in play’ for the job.”

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